A Special Letter of Thanks to the SCFF

Dear Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen,

On Saturday, March 30, my wife and I (we are from Reno, NV) went to Pyramid Lake, hopefully to catch some nice Lahontan Cutthroats. We have been averaging one trip per week to the lake for the last couple of months with some success. Little did we know that this trip was going to be different.
We arrived at the lake around mid-morning and breaking our normal routine, I decided to jump down really quick (leaving the keys in the ignition-I think you know what is about to happen next) to check out another area of the beach to see how the rising water had affected it. I told my wife to go ahead and start fishing and I would come back and take our equipment over to the water's edge. She got down from the truck, but as she did, she must have hit the lock button on the way out. She closed the door and the (expletive deleted) truck is locked. Inside, my keys in the ignition, her "extra keys" in her waist pack, our cell phones, jackets (it was chilly), lunch, water, etc., etc. The only thing we had was our fishing rods which were in the bed of the truck.
After the initial "blame game", we started trying to figure out how we were going to unlock the truck. We had absolutely nothing that we could use. There were a few guys fishing and we went around asking for anything that might help. One guy offered us a mini pry bar, my wife found two short pieces of wire, while another fisherman had some additional wire. Alas, all the wire types were too soft or too short to do us any good after about an hour of trying. Next, we tried to find someone that would let us use their cell phone but no one had service.
Down the hill comes Mike in his motor home towards the beach. He parked his rig not far from where we were and after he had unloaded a few things, my wife approached him with our dilemma. He agreed to let us use his cell phone and so she called me over to him. I asked Mike if I could use his phone to google the number to our insurance company which offers road side assistance. He went ahead and did that for me and we got the phone number to call. I went ahead and dialed the number and was finally connected to a real person. I proceeded to explain our situation (no policy number-it was all locked in the truck) and the representative was very helpful. She was finally able to schedule someone to come and unlock the vehicle. However, I was on Mike's phone for well over and hour (on hold most of the time). Mike was so kind and gracious all this time, even though it took up his fishing time while he let a complete stranger use his cell phone.
While we waited for help to arrive, my wife and I attempted to do some fishing but not very comfortably due to our anxiety. Meanwhile, Mike came by to the water on two different occasions, to let us know that the insurance agent had called to give us an update. Additionally, he provided us with water bottles and energy bars to tie us over until help arrived.
When the road service arrived, they unlocked the truck rather quickly and finally we could relax and concentrate on what we come here for - catch some large cutthroats. Well, we ended up being skunked for the day which was par for the way the outing had started. But we went home with a renewed faith and hope in our fellow men/women. Someone, in this case Mike, had given up some of his time and resources to help someone in need. As for me and my wife, we will never forget it and plan to pay if forward whenever we can.
I am sure that Mike is representative of the kind of women and men who belong to your club. Judging from your newsletters, I found on your website, it appears to be an outstanding organization. I wish you all the best.

Thank you, Mike and SCFF

Andy Cordova

When in doubt, catch a trout! (N.R.)

Note: The Mike mentioned in this letter turns out to be Mike White. Kudos to you, Mike, you are the personification of what the Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen is all about!