Special Notes of Thanks to the SCFF

Our Conservation Scholarships to High School Graduates

These thank you notes came from recent high school graduates who received our $100 scholarships awarded to students who intend to go on to major in environmental studies. We also conferred honorary club memberships to them and hope they will join our ranks and help us fulfill our conservation goals.

Dear Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen,
I would like to thank you for choosing me to be the recipient of one of your scholarships. I have been doing environmental research on water quality in Santa Cruz for three years now, and this scholarship will help me continue those efforts in Arizona. Also, my grandfather was a big fly fisherman. My motherwas thrilled when I was awarded this scholarship. She is writing a letter to you, too. She said she believes he was a member of your group, but she's not sure. Again, thank you so very much.
Katie Lozier
To the Fly Fishing Scholarship,
Thank you so much for granting me one of your scholarships. Your contribution will allow me to go to college and fight against the biggest threat to our natural world: climate change. I can't wait for the day when climate change is no longer a threat, partially due to you and the contribution you have given me towards my education.
Celeste Robinson
Dear Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen,
Thank you so much for awarding me the Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen Environment Scholarship. I look forward to using the money to help pay for some college textbooks. I've never been fly fishing, but I can't wait to try it out!
Max Pepperdine