* The Club Logo
Over the years, the Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen have had many images or symbols to represent the club, and it can get confusing at times, since we don't presently have one single logo that everybody agrees represents us. We have many different patches, hats, shirts, banners and signs, and they all feature different symbols, and that makes it even more confusing to the public.
Our club is in the beginning stages of choosing a new logo that will be consistent, one single one that we all agree represents us, and can be used globally, on stationery, on the website, our "brand", which in advertising terms is defined as:

"The idea or image of a specific product or service that consumers connect with, by identifying the name, logo, slogan, or design of the organization who owns the idea or image."

In order to choose one image, we will be conducting a survey featuring several different possible images to be adopted as our club logo, and you, the members, will be given the opportunity to cast your vote for the one you feel best represents us and makes us identifiable to the public. The images will be viewable at the August barbecue, and you can vote on your favorite then, so plan to come August 1st prepared to help the club make this most important decision.