Is It Spring Yet?
By President Jim Black

We have a number of things to discuss as we leave our record-breaking wet winter behind, leaving all the reservoirs full and overflowing with strong river flows that are beginning to subside. I was in the process of building an ark just as the rain began to slow down. It's hard to imagine Highway 17 closed and San Jose-Soquel Road destroyed! The snowmelt may impact the rivers again.
Locally the surge of newly liberated Carmel River wiped out the newly planted willows, which were part of the San Clement Dam removal and restoration. If enough of you are interested, I believe we can arrange an information tour of the river with an explantation of the Dam removal process and the subsequent flows. Let me know by emailing me and we can plan the tour.
We have a number of new fishouts planned, including Mark Traugott's upper Yuba trip on land controlled by the University of California providing limited, controlled access, which he has been able to obtain. Should be an interesting trip exploring this part of the Yuba, which is not generally available to fish.
Speaking of the Yuba, We have a new overnight shad trip on the Yuba, June 6th and 7th, with guides in aluminum boats, and walk and wade fishing. From current preliminary river flow information, the Yuba should be reasonable in June.
In addition, we have discounted guide trips for different rivers and fish, which will be auctioned off at the Wednesday April 5th regular Club meeting; details about it are in the Membership Notes article.
Come to the April meeting prepared to bid on discounted guide trips. Props to our Membership Director, Bob Peterson, for the new Member Rosters, in color, making your fishy photos look fantastic! They will be available at the April meeting, so make sure you pick one up.