A Great Place to Live
By President Tom Hogye

First of all, come to the SCFF BBQ for this month's meeting at the Grange. Lots of fun is in store. Bring something to trade/sell and an appetite. If you'd like to donate money for the club general fund or next year's scholarships, the cook will have a jar! Jeff Goyert will also have a great door prize.
A year ago, I was scrambling to find out where my next work adventure was going to be after the disaster at my former employer with whom I thought I was going to finish out my work "career." I'd been in a groove, a little comfortable, good customer base and continued growth. Since then, I've been rebuilding 18 years of business with a new company who has been a bood bit a breath of fresh air, but doing almost everything all over again. To that extent, I've found it difficult to avoid travel for work at key times, like our board meetings, or even a club meeting. That's been hard mostly because I really miss seeing everyone and being together.
There is a time for everything - so the song says. But sometimes, I wish those times were sooner rather than later, or maybe later, or not at all!
Occasionally, I've had a bit of a break, and am on my bike, on the beach fishing for surf perch, or participating in some of the events around town, having to do with saving and keeping safe our precious resources. The other day I spent time with Chris Berry and some scientists monitoring steelhead and all the fish in the estuary/river. I can appreciate what they do, but in truth would rather they didn't bother those fish who already have it hard enough living in the river. The critic in me says they do this so the City Water managers keep their butts out of trouble for taking too much water from these endangered fish. Being there, though, does help raise awareness for the continued efforts to do something to fix what we've messed up and I appreciate overall, the care of everyone who was working hard to do the job quickly, gently and accurately.
This time of year, Mona and I look forward to the free summer music festivities down at the beach at the Crow's Nest, a Thursday evening where we know to park where the locals can park for free, walk the beach to the lighthouse and take the harbor taxi across to El Palomar Cafe for tacos and a completely Santa Cruz evening.
Some days I'm off blazing a trail on my mountain bike, down the RR tracks, taking the Emma McCrary Trail to Santa Cruz for a morning half way stop at Lu Lu Carpenter's for coffee. Others it's the road bike along West Cliff to Natural Bridges, then back through the redwoods home. Along the San Lorenzo River, it is still flowing nicely from last year's good soakings in the mountains. It's a beautiful sound to hear the river gorge below the RR tracks on early summer mornings.
I take comfort knowing we have it pretty special here. While others spend thousands to come here or thousands to go somewhere else, we're pretty much looking at each other realizing we have a pretty awesome place to live - mostly. When you're local, you know the best times to go out, where traffic is less and when to stay put.
At this writing, I'm taking a quick break from the beginning of my last work week before we head into the Sierra for our annual disappearance from cell and internet for a few days. Main objective is to be knee to thigh deep wet wading and fishing dry flies - all day. If you're home, get out to the surf and fish - there a lot of members who will help you have fun. Look under the fishouts schedule and give the fishmasters a call. The surf perch are plentiful and the stripers worth the wait. See you on the return.