What Does A Fly-Fishing Club President Do?
By President Tom Hogye

In our by-laws it says a lot of legal fancy stuff that makes it sound like that person should be in charge of a large multi-million-dollar organization, but really, what does that person do - for you, the environment and for the furthering of this "sport" we enjoy called fly fishing?
Today, I look to what the worldwide web and "social media" can help us stay on top of it, if it were all that important. I like that we have Facebook to reach people who may want to hang out with us, even if they happen to live in Mongolia! They could actually be a "member" and help us further our causes together. The inter-web, as I call it, gives me an opportunity to pretty quickly see what's happening around the world, meet people from "Mongolia" and hear of their interests around fly-fishing, the environment, etc.
Yesterday I was at the race track helping my brother and met a fellow angler whose phone made a sound like the drag on a fly reel spinning off. I asked her, "was that the sound of line peeling off a reel?" She said "yep! It's on this app I have called 'Fishbrain'". Way cool! Check it out! You can friend anglers of all kinds, and when they catch a fish, it notifies you with that sound, and then you can see what they caught, where, when, what - provided they share that information.
The 21st century is different than the first time this president presided. But, the end result is the same. Peter Pumphrey, in this month's California Fly Fisher magazine, talks about all the things we consider before we go fishing. How to get to our destination and what we do to meet the objectives of that trip we have in mind; how to catch the most fish, how to enjoy the wilderness just right, how to make sure we are as alone as we want to be. I suppose the inter-web helps us in that quest, even if it means there are literally millions of others trying to do the same.
Today, we have more than a FAX machine or a dial phone, we have Google, backup cameras, and "an app for that."
As the SCFF moves more into the 21st century, it is our goal to continue to "Promote, Educate and Enjoy - fly-fishing, the great outdoors and facilitate as best I and your board can those particulars near and dear to your heart, whether that pertains to fly fishing (and angling in general) fish, and the environment. Whether you want to save the environment, tie flies that would wow Picasso, or be a tournament fly caster, you can get started with us. You can get as good as you want in any of it - AND, share as much as you want with this membership, and today, the world. It's that easy, and yes, it's that difficult.
I learned a long time ago as a kid, that anything worth doing right was never free or easy. That has continued to this day, but really, as much as I might grunt and groan when the going gets tough, I wouldn't know any other way.
Thank you! Thank you for being a part of this band of anglers, conservationists, fly-tiers, flingers of the long rod, teachers, encouragers. We have a great board and we are all carefully looking into things that we hope will continue to move SCFF forward for another 40-plus years. Stay tuned-let us know what your heart desires! #scff, #santacruzflyfishermen