A Great Start to the Year
By President Tom Hogye

Well, the Annual Fund Raiser is over, and what an event it was! As has been the case for almost all of the 40 years, it seems like the fun really begins when we start all the prep in the kitchen at 8:00 AM. I kept thinking it was Thanksgiving all over again. Elaine Cook is really an artist when it comes to putting the schedule, and the layout of everything from the raffle tables to what goes in the fridge, the recipes, who is going to do what. So many of you came to help in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Having so many wiling and enthusiastic volunteers is really something to be a part of. Too many to thank individually, but you know who you are and how fun it was to put all of this together.
When you start to run out of raffle tickets, ironically, that's good news. Thank you, Steve Rudzinski for running all the way back to the grange to get more. Again, another selfless demonstration of why you were the well-deserved recipient of the John Steele Award this year. Little did you know! So many people helped put this event together and it was so much fun meeting new people who dive right in and were in the kitchen at 8:00 A.M. Some, like John and Pat Steele, can now have their house back after buying, collecting organizing and storing all of the raffle prizes. John - thank you so much for all the hard work and your extraordinary craftsmanship with all of the silent auction items, the vise stands, sculptures. Priceless, and I'm so happy I won another vise stand this year!
I missed a number of you this year. If you're reading this, you know who you are and I am grateful for your support and hoping you can make next year. I promise it will be more fun than ever.
Thank you! To the board and the members, past and present. Most especially, those of you who more than encouraged me to come back and take the reins again.
Thank you, Jim Black, Tim Loomis, Milana Rawson, Sam Bishop, Roy Gunter, who have served the club with all their heart and soul for so long, and who are now going to enjoy their memberships and the fruits of their labor. I am personally grateful for your helping me get back up to speed and offering to continue helping in so many ways.
If you haven't heard already, me, Kevin Murdock, Angela Johnson, Steve Rawson, Steve Rudzinski, Jim Tolonen, Jeff Goyert, Bob Peterson, John and Elaine Cook, Barry Burt, John and Pat Steele, Kirk Mathew, George Pike, Michael McGannon, Petar Ilic, Mike DiCiano, Kathy Powers, Dennis Davie, Alev Bilginsoy, make up your officers, board and committees for this 2018.
Thursday, February 8th (the day after our club meeting) - Pour Tap Room and Coastal Watershed Council - This is an event to hang out with the public and talk fly fishing and conservation. We'll have gear and some fly tying. This is a very fun time where we plug in to a very public venue, have a beverage, something to eat and talk about our sport and conserving riparian habitat, so we can continue to promote, educate, and enjoy the sport of fly fishing.
Later in February, Feb. 22-25, is the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show. I'll be there looking for future guest speakers, gear, and other opportunities for us to have fun with this year. Let's go!
Then of course, there's the Pyramid Lake Fishout, March 18th through the 24th. See you on the tailout!