By the Numbers
By President Tom Hogye

Well, I safely made it through 420, 421, and looking forward to 425, 426-428, 501, 519, 523. That means I came away unscathed from the pot smoke-out, which seems to be fizzling in popularity, thank God. That was followed by a great Easter, and then celebrated Earth Day, which also happens to be the birthday of this one President, with the best of friends and family. 425-well, that's our gathering this Thursday (4/25, 6 to 8 PM) at the Pour Tap Room downtown, which is an opportunity to pull in memberships and get people interested in fly fishing, our local habitats for steelhead and coho, and support the Reno family by enjoying a couple of beverages and some great food.
Oh, that's not to forget about the fantastic fishouts we have on the calendar, not to mention Pyramid, which was awesome, thank you again Paul Schraeder, Kevin Murdock, and Roostercomb, which was also awesome. AND, the surf is going be getting good for perch and stripers. Get your SCFF stripping basket, it's the best $20 you'll ever spend on fly fishing gear.
426-428 is the Spey-O-Rama at the Golden Gate Anglers Club. If you have a chance to go, do. It's some incredible spey casting, for accuracy and distance, and they have good food, a nice raffle and lots of spey stuff you need!
519 is the 19th of this month of May. We have our annual Intro to Fly Fishing Day at Quail Hollow Ranch in Felton, which is a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the country casting, tying flies and enjoying some good continental breakfast items and a lunch BBQ, all the while introducing new family members to fly fishing.
523-Then there's the 50th anniversary of Mule Days in Bishop, which is a great excuse to fish the Owens River over Memorial Day weekend. Then after Memorial Day weekend, some of us will be heading to five of our local high schools to hand out our first scholarships and an annual SCFF membership to graduates heading into Environmental Studies.
Then it will be June? Whoa! Slow this flow down a bit. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the May meeting, and don't forget, we're having casting practice with some great club rods and great helpers, so come hone those casting skills and hang out with us, and then have a great beautiful Spring ahead.
Summer and Fall will be plenty busy enough.
Let's do this!