Happy New Year!
By President Tom Hogye

I hope you had a fun, peaceful, safe and joyous holiday. If there was fly fishing on your Christmas list, it looks like our California fisheries are going to be flowing nicely given the water we've already been getting this rainy season. The steelhead season is already off to a nice start with a number of young fish being photographed for our encouragement thanks to Barry Burt's regular examination of his legendary haunts.

This month's meeting will be on the 8th and is our annual slide show, one of the most popular and most fun club meetings. This presentation showcases all the fly fishing trips we did as members, our club fishouts, casting events, fly tying, and other memorable photos from the year. Rich Rubin does a beautiful job of organizing this and putting it together. Don't miss it.

The SCFF Annual Dinner/Fundraiser is just a few weeks away, where we will install our 2020 team of Directors and Committee Chairs. See Bob Peterson or any of us if you've not yet purchased your tickets; we are over half way toward selling out. The raffle prizes are as awesome as they have ever been and the dinner is something you can think of as an extension of your holidays!

I'm really thrilled to see new people stepping into roles on the board this year and I'm looking forward to their ideas for our club and its members. It's very rewarding to continually see three or four new people coming to the club meetings, joining and learning about fly fishing, our local waters, and sharing their interests. We truly have a lot of talented people.

Last year we started our first College Scholarship Fund by simply putting the word "Donation" at the bottom of our club membership form. With that, we generated $1,000 to provide a contribution of $100 to a male and female at five of our local schools, for those entering Environmental Sciences. I'm happy to say we are continuing this, adding two more schools and $1,400. If you want to contribute to this, and see it grow, contact Bob Peterson.

If you're thinking about a trip this year - talk to John Cook about all the fishouts already on the schedule for 2020. And if you're thinking you'd like to put together a fishout of your own, as I've done a few times in the past, talk to John. It's easy to put together and always welcome.