Forty Years and Counting
By President Jim Black

The Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen club is celebrating our 40th year of continuous activity this year; a real tribute to the participation of all our volunteers, who make it happen. We continue to explore new ideas and strive to improve our member experience.
This past two years we improved our Patagonia experience and look forward to the upcoming Patagonia Night on Thursday April 27. We have entered into an informal partnership with the Coastal Watershed Council and have participated with them in the successful November 5th Fly Fishing Demonstration on the San Lorenzo River, the annual Patagonia Night, and the Pour Tap Room event. CWC adds exposure to a broader crowd of prospective new members. We share a common interest in the San Lorenzo River and we have increased our membership through these events this past year.
Going forward, we are adding a "Beginners Fly Fishing Class" which will be scheduled before the fly tying classes, details to be announced. One newer idea, which will be part of the Annual January dinner, will be offering guide trips in the Silent Auction. We have more ideas going forward and appreciate any suggestions or ideas from you. We will need more volunteers, both new and replacement, going forward and this will be addressed separately.
As to the conditions of the rivers; it seems different. Rivers are becoming fishable, all with the concern of a rapid snow melt, and with some fishing dates being rescheduled, principally by the guides. It's possible the rivers with migratory fish, such as shad, steelhead, and stripers, may even enjoy much more activity than in the last years of the drought.