Behind Every Great Fisherman
By President Tom Hogye

Behind every great fisherman is - someone who takes their picture. How else would we know they are great?
That person also may tolerate, or equally enjoy, a myriad of other qualities, such as wet waders hanging in entry ways, fishing gear in the shower, fly-tying materials in places otherwise reserved for dinner, and lots of "Honey, I'm, we're going fishing tomorrow." But without someone taking your picture, to verify your greatness, you are left to bad selfies, drowned smart phones and a story.
When my dad sent me another 20-plus photos of my grandfather, his dad, holding scores of fish, bass crappie, walleye, pike, at home, after he got back, I immediately think of my gramma Tillie. I guess she'd have to run get the camera and take the pictures of grandpa, when he returned from his day on the water in Northeastern, Ohio. My dad and his sister are the little kids in the photo on the right. Without Gramma Tillie, we wouldn't have any of these memories to capture the stories we can tell for years to come.
I wondered how many stories there were about the fish, some of them I'd heard myself as a youngster, which always were like reading a book before you saw the movie. The book was always better. The imagination, color, excitement, fight and the size of the fish, bigger, better, brighter and more exciting. But again, without someone taking those photos - who'd really know?
All of us have that person. We probably fish with them regularly - as most of us catch and release practitioners, only have photos if we are with someone, or are relatively handy with a smart phone, GoPro, selfie-stick. Even just today, I was looking at the river telling Tommy that it looked good and if it was, there's probably be a photo of Barry on his Facebook page around 4:00 PM. Sure enough! But as awesome as Barry is, without his buddy at the camera, we'd hear the story, but something would be lost without the photo. And how sweet it is when that photo is something you're really excited about. Pause for a shout-out to the camera-holding fishing buddy!
Part of our series of speakers this year, is one who can help us all have that someone who takes a good photo of whatever it is in your hands or around you as you are enjoying fishing. That person may also be you - equipped with a small camera, smart phone selfie stick, GoPro - or if you're crazy enough, your own drone! Having a good fishing buddy to take your picture is one thing, but them knowing how best to make you, your surroundings and whatever's in your grip look stunning? That's the ticket.
The rain has been super and the San Lorenzo has been flowing nicely. There's still a month left to fish here, but plenty more to come elsewhere.
We have a full schedule of fishouts all over California and the country, fun outings at Pour Taproom, our Public Outreach at Quail Hollow, fly-tying, and the fly-fishing clinic. We'll do some more work on caring for our local and not so local waters. We'll have fun bringing the youth of the world to fly-fishing and the environment, and we'll enjoy the great collaboration with folks like CWC, Patagonia, and more, in an effort to promote, educate, and enjoy the sport of fly fishing. Grab a camera, grab a friend, let's go fishing!