Monthly Raffle

Spring Fling
By Monthly Raffle Director Jeff Goyert

Time to kick spring fishing into high gear with some really cool stuff that some lucky winners will grab up at the May meeting.
Just to get started, take a look at this WOOD RIVER STEALTH RIDER V boat float tube. It is perfect for all your stillwater needs, lots of storage pockets, D rings, and a ruled stripping tray. The best feature of this model is that it is super lightweight with built in shoulder pack straps; perfect for places like Los Padres Reservoir, Kirman Lake, Heenan Lake or any other place off the beaten path where you need to hike in with a float tube.
As long as we are talking about lightweight, we have an AIRLITE FLY ROD. This is a 10-foot four section 3 weight rod. It's perfect for stillwater where you usually are out in the open with plenty of back cast room. The rod is matched with a 3 weight reel CNC machined from aluminum bar stock and features a classic click-pawl drag.
Since you are going to catch fish, you are going to need a net to properly handle your catch. Take a look at this CLASSIC WOOD HOOP deep bag landing net. This design allows one to land and release larger fish without the need for larger net.
Buy some tickets, win a prize!

This month we have a SECRET door prize! Federal and State laws prohibit any form of pre-drawing disclosure or dissemination of information regarding the nature of the prize. Everything has been REDACTED! All we can say is that in order to be a winner you must attend the meeting and if you are the lucky winner you will be glad you did!