Monthly Raffle

December Door Prize and Raffle!
By Monthly Raffle Director Jeff Goyert

Santa knows who has been naughty and nice. If you have been on the naughty side by not fishing enough or maybe even fishing too much, you can buy extra tickets to make sure you won't have an empty stocking.
We have a winners pick between an Echo 9 ft 4 section XL Carbon rod in either 5 wt. or 6wt. Either rod is matched with Avid smooth drag reels, reel case, and Cordura-covered hard rod case. Fill that gap in your quiver and catch more fish!
Cold day on the river? Watching the sunset from the cabin couch? Celebrating that big fish with friends? Sounds to me that you could make good use of this Hook Line & Sinker 5 oz. stainless steel hip flask. Fill it with a few drams of your favorite beverage, keep it handy for just the right time.
Ever take a tumble in the stream and realized you were without a wading belt? At the very least, you get a bit damp below the waist, don't even want to think about the worst-case scenario involving deep water. All of us, all the time, should be wearing a belt with our waders. We have a couple of two inch-wide high-density neoprene belts from Adams Built. They have Velcro adjustment and quick action side release buckles and they are adjustable out to 46 inches. Do yourself a favor by winning one at the raffle.

This month we have Yeti Rambler as a great door prize. It is not a cooler but rather a 20 oz. tumbler, stainless steel with double wall insulation. Includes SCFF logo sticker! Keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold. Great on a road trip or sitting around the fire.