Monthly Raffle

Spring Cleaning
By Monthly Raffle Director Jeff Goyert

I figured it was time to do some Spring cleaning in the old goodie locker so I came up with something a little different for the monthly raffle.
What we will have is a table full of neat stuff ranging from a really nice wooden landing net to a streamside fly tying tool kit. Other booty includes a couple magazine subscriptions, a great Ralph Cutter book, an emergency SOS kit, a Climax fly line, a couple good size fly boxes, and thanks to the efforts of Pat Steele, a $50 gift card for the Redding Fly Shop!
All the tickets will go into one bucket; winners will get their choice of prizes off the table.
Bring some extra cash to buy some lucky raffle tickets. Remember that the money generated by the monthly raffle is used by the Club to help pay for guest speakers, special events, BBQs, and other club functions.