Monthly Raffle

February Fun
By Monthly Raffle Director Jeff Goyert

Fellow Fly Fishers:
We all pretty much have gotten through the winter and the fund raiser is in the rear-view mirror. Many thanks to all those that made it happen and all those that attended. Now it's time to start thinking about some kick butt fishing in the new year!
Pyramid Lake is in the cross hairs for many of us, how about a new or spare indicator rig? This is a Blackstar 4-piece 9-foot high carbon 7 weight rod with a large arbor cnc-cut NVC reel. Also included is a Real Gold 7-weight floating line.
As most of us know the beach around Pyramid is quite similar to a rugged moonscape and can be quite hard on gear. To the rescue is a set of four-place rod holders that magnetically attach to your vehicle to keep your rigs out of harm's way.
Can't forget our fly-tying folks this time of year, can we? We have as a great raffle prize a catalog and gift card from The Fly Shop in Redding. It's a perfect chance to stock up on everything you might need to be prepared for upcoming season.

Forget about Birkinstocks, win a pair of Crocs! Great for wet wading, comfort around the campfire, or stashed in your float tube for that unplanned walk back to your launch site. Durable and comfortable, they are everybody's favorite!