How To Remove a Fish Hook From Your Finger
From www.learnhow-to.com

This push-down-pull back method has been featured in the SCFF newsletter several times in the past, but it bears repeating, especially to those newbies who may or may not have had the unfortunate experience of hooking oneself.

Nothing beats a great day at fishing, until you catch your finger in the hook instead of an actual fish! It isn't just painful, but the hook is designed in a way that can injure you deeply if removed incorrectly. Follow this guide on how you can safely, and easily, remove that fish hook from your finger. Below is a method to remove the hook stuck in your finger. You can remove the hook alone from your finger or arm with this method.

1. With a fishing line, tie a loop around the bend of the hook.
2. Lightly, pull the hook from the wire.
3. With your other hand, gently lower the hook from its eye region and continue pressing down.
4. Very quickly but gently, pull the fishing line at the bend back.
5. Clean the small wound and apply a bandage.