The Barry Bugger
Submitted by Barry Burt

Hook:Any hook you would normally use for a wooly bugger;
down eye, 4x long, streamer size 12-4.
Can also be tied w/intruder-style hook using an octopus-style
Gamagatsu tied in W/ Power Pro; very effective when barbless
Thread:Black 70 denier
Weight:Lead wire : .020
Tail:Wapsi burnt orange marabou, (other brands are either too red or too brown)
UV grey crystal flash and Holographic Flashabou silver ice
Rib:Medium copper wire
Dubbing:Dave Whitlock's SLF Prism Dubbing Brown/ olive
Hackle:Burnt orange grizzly hackle from Bugger cape

1. Bend down barb and clamp hook in vise.
2. Lay down thread wrap to the bend of the hook and bring back up to mid shank.
3. Add 10 wraps of lead at mid-point of shank and secure with thread, building thread ramps at both ends of lead.
4. Bring thread back to bend of hook and tie in clump of marabou for the tail.
5. Add two strands each of crystal flash and Flashabou to each side of tail.
6. Tie in a length of copper wire at the tail. Wrap the tag end all the way up the shank pass the lead wire wraps towards the eye, fold it back a couple of eye lengths back of the eye and wrap back to the tail. This adds more bulk to the body. Let the rib wire hang for now.
7. Create a dubbing loop at the base of the tail w/ SLF. Wrap loop forward leaving room to tie in the hackle and finish the head. Tie off loop.
8. Select a grizzly hackle that is long and thin. The barbules should not be longer than the gap of the hook. Cut fluff off and tie in the stem at the eye of the hook.
9. Grab the tip of the feather w/ hackle pliers and Palmer it back to the tail.
10. Use the ribbing wire and secure the tip of the hackle feather with 2 or 3 consecutive turns. Continue ribbing the fly w/ open turns towards the eye of the hook wiggling the wire between the hackle.
11. Tie off the wire. Helicopter off the tag. Finish the head of the fly and hit it w/ Sally Hansen's.