Black Holographic Midge
Submitted by Elaine Cook

Here's a great one for "bobbercating" or nymphing. With the Mammoth Fishout coming up, be sure to bring a few for Hot Creek and Crowley Lake. Easy to tie!

Hook:2487 sizes 14-18 (16 for Crowley)
Thread:black 8/0
Bead:black or silver, size in proportion to hook (see diagram)
Rib:silver wire

1. Crimp barb.
2. Slide bead onto hook, smaller hole next to eye.
3. Attach thread behind bead, wrap a bump against the bead to hold in place. Final steps will lock bead in place.
4. Touching thread wraps to about halfway down bend of hook.
5. Lay wire on top of shank with tip into back of bead. Tie in place with touching thread wraps up to bead.
6. Lay body material on top of shank, end behind bead. Tie in place with touching thread wraps back to exposed wire.
7. Touching thread wraps forward to bead. Make one half hitch thread wrap.
8. Wrap body material forward to the bead in slightly overlapping wraps Note: keep constant tension on Flashabou as you wrap. Tie off, cut excess. Make one half hitch.
9. Wrap wire rib forward in opposite direction of body material. Make about 6 wraps up to bead, each wrap getting progressively further apart. Make a couple of hard rib wraps against the bead. Twist or bend the wire back and forth until it breaks at the end of last wire wrap. Be sure stub of wire doesn't stick out.
10. Whip finish hard against bead. Be sure there are enough wraps to lock bead in place.
11. Cut excess thread.
12. Apply Supper Glue or Zap A Gap to body.