The Mole Fly
Submitted by Elaine Cook

This very easy to tie fly imitates an emerging midge or Mayfly trying to free itself from its nymphal shuck while in the surface film. The entire back half of the fly sinks below the surface and the CDC remains above. Be sure to dress ONLY the CDC with Frog Fanny or other brand of silicon powder. NEVER use any moist brand of fly dressing. Frequent use of Frog Fanny during fishing is necessary especially after catching a fish.

Hook:TMC 2487, TFS 2487, or Dai-Riki 125, sizes 16-22
Thread:Olive 6/0
Wing:CDC (adjust amount to size of hook) for a size 20 hook,
1 CDC puff or 2 regular CDC feathers,
a light color like pale yellow, white, or light dun
Body:Brown beaver dubbing. (Note: fur sinks while synthetic dubbing doesn't)

1. Crimp barb.
2. Attach thread behind eye and leave hanging one eye length behind eye.
3. Stack regular CDC feathers or use puff. Position on top of shank with tips forward extending about hook length beyond eye.
4. Bind feather with 2 wraps. If too long, pull to shorten to hook length. Secure to top of shank back to above hook point. Cut butt ends at an angle. NOTE: Save remainder of feather for other flies.
5. Using a very small amount of fur, pull out guard hairs. Apply hair to thread leaving enough bare thread to wrap thread well down hook bend.
6. Wrap bare thread down hook bend then dub forward to CDC. A slight taper is fine.
7. Pull CDC backward, make a couple thread wraps in front of it.
8. Whip finish, cut thread.