The Squirminator
Submitted by Barry Burt

Barry Burt had some outstanding success with this fly on the Steelhead opener in the San Lorenzo.

Hook:Size 6 Owner black chrome or 60 deg. jig hook
(Hank 450 barbless wide gap, best but expensive OR Owner SSW bait hook)
Bead:4.5 mm tungsten slotted bead in white and or pink
Body:Berkley bubble gum 3" trout worm. (Can be found at Walmart or online)
Thorax:Estaz UV lights white pearl chenille
Head:Glow bug yarn, light pink or red
Collar:Thread, fluorescent pink Veevus 140

1. If needed, crimp barb and slip bead on hook.
2. Run the point of the hook down the center of the worm 1/4” then out the side.
3. Slide worm back on shank and apply super glue to the shank the hook, then run the head of the worm back up the hook shank.
4. Attach thread behind bead. Wrap to mid-shank.
5. Tie in a strand of Estaz UV from the mid-point of the hook shank and wrap two to three turns towards the eye and tie off.
6. Make a dubbing loop and insert a small amount of glow bug yarn and spin a collar of the yarn behind the bead.
7. Tie off and finish the collar with a hot spot of fluorescent thread.
8. Apply Zap-A-Gap or Super Glue to thread wraps.