Callibaetis Dun

This pattern simulates an adult Mayfly that is primarily found in still water. It emerges in the spring, summer and fall, the larger emerging in the spring.

Hook:TMC 100, sizes 12-16
Thread:Tan 8/0
Wing:Hungarian Partridge
Tail:Dun microfibbets
Body:Tan superfine dubbing
Hackle:Grizzly, barbs 1 1/2 hook gap
Thorax:Tan superfine dubbing

1. Crimp barb.
2. Apply thread mid-shank. Wrap forward to 1/3 back on shank.
3. For wings:
Use two gray neck feathers.
Pull fuzz and barbs off base of stem forming a narrow fan.
With dark sides together, position on top of shank, tips forward and one shank length in front of hanging thread.
Tie in place.
Stand upright making several wraps in front of stem to hold in position.
Cut excess stem.
Wrap thread to rear of shank.
4. For tail: (fibbets are difficult to deal with. This method should simply)
Make thread ball with 8-10 "X" thread wraps on top of one another.
Wrap thread 1/3 hook shank forward.
Select 6-8 fibbets. (Keep tips lined up).
Lay on top of shank with 4 touching thread wraps toward ball.
Pull fibers forward making tail shank length.
Divide fibers with bodkin.
Pull tips on far side away from shank and slightly up. Take one thread wrap toward ball.
Pull tips on your side toward you and slightly downward. Make thread wrap toward ball.
Repeat last two steps a couple more times ending at the ball.
Cut excess fibbets.
5. Advance thread one wrap. Dub a narrow tapered body up to wing.
6. For hackle:
Cut 5-6 barbs short, on each side of stem (crew cut).
With side toward you, tip to rear, tie in at base of wing.
7. Dub around base of wings, then taper forward to one eye length behind eye.
8. Wrap hackle two times behind wing, and two in front. Tie off, cut excess.
9. Tie a thread head, whip finish, cut thread.