It's time to get ready for the winter storms to come then go after the mighty salmon and steelhead. This fly is intended to be used in good sized rivers with a sinking line and swing method.

Hook:Mustad 36890 or other upturned eye for steelhead or salmon
Thread:Brown 3/0 or 6/0
Tail:Orange strung hackle barb
Body:Red chenille
Wing:White calf tail

1. Crimp barb.
2. Attach thread behind eye. Wrap to rear of shank.
3. With tip of barbs extending 1/2 hook length beyond shank, attach to top of shank.
4. Lay strip of chenille on top of shank, tip 1/4 back from eye, tie in place back to tail, then advance thread forward to chenille tip. Wrap chenille forward in touching wraps. Tie off, cut excess. Advance thread half way to eye.
5. Select hackle with barbs 2 to 3 times hook gap. Prepare butt crew-cut style. Cut off fuzzy end. At butt end, cut off 5-6 barbs short on each side of stem. Tie crew-cut in, tip to rear, shiny side toward you. Make 5-6 wraps, tie off, cut excess. Stroke barbs to rear and tie in place back to body.
6. Cut small clump of hairs from calf-tail. Clean out underfur. With tips extending to mid-tail, make one wrap around hairs, then 5-6 wraps around hairs and shank. Cut excess hairs. Tie in, covering butts up to hook eye. Tie off, cut thread. Apply Zap-a-Gap to thread wraps.