Punk Perch

If you’re going to the Mammoth Fishout and plan to fish Crowley Lake, bring this pattern with you! I would use this pattern in other still waters as well.

Hook:TMC or TFS 5262 size 10
Thread:Black 8/0 and red 6/0
Tail:Brown/olive marabou
Flash:Pearl crystal flash
Body:Semiseal dubbing; both silver minnow and olive.
Can be obtained from the "Trout Fitter" in Mammoth or at www.troutsmen.com
1. Crimp barb.
2. Attach thread at rear of shank.
3. Using straight tipped barbs of the marabou, tie in small amount, tips extending hook shank length beyond shank. Advance thread to one eye length behind eye. Spiral remaining marabou forward. Tie off, cut excess. Wrap fibers to shank back to tail tie-in.
4. Cut 2 strands of flash, 1 1/2” - 2 1/2” long. Tie in center of both near rear of shank. Fold forward strands to rear. Hold 2 strands on each side of tail. Tie in place back to rear of shank. Cut to length of tail.
5. Mix the two body materials. Make dubbing loop. Advance thread to one eye length behind eye. Insert material. Twist, making rope. Spiral forward, closer wraps near eye. Tie off, cut excess. Stroke fibers to rear with toothbrush.
6. Wrap small head, whip finish, cut thread.
7. Attach red thread in front of body. Make several wraps to form small red collar. (Some black head should show in front of red collar.) Whip finish, cut thread. Apply small amount of Zap-a-Gap.
8. Pinch body fibers making a narrow body top to bottom. Stroke fibers to rear. Trim tips of wild fibers that are in the tail area.