* July 28th - North Fork of the Shoshone River, Wyoming, near Cody - Elaine and John Cook

As we have discovered over the years, this river is not a gimme for catching fish. The river is at the mercy of Mother Nature. Flooded and muddy during runoff is its usual state when we first drive down river in late June. Come late July the flow is usually reasonable for dry fly fishing unless a thunderstorm occurs which can re-muddy the river for about half a day. It's a very rocky river so it is hard to wade. Now the upside. Really good quality fish. On this particular day the fish Gods weren't looking down on me, however John managed to hook and land a 19" Cutthroat and a 20" Brown on a size 6 Madame X. The Cutt gave John quite a battle and used the current quite effectively. The Brown battle was quite the show. John had waded out into the current on the slippery baseball and basketball size rocks 'till the water was above his knees to assist with a long up-river cast. The rise, take, and hook-up occurred and the fight began. As I hooted and hollered with delight the fisherman did a pirouette into the water. As he flailed the rod submerged and the line went slack as I yelled "Just take care of yourself!". After a short float he got his feet under him and began the track to shore. He managed to still have his rod in hand. Suddenly, the line went straight and the rod bent; the fish was still on! Wow! I netted the fish and held it while the bedraggled fisherman took a picture and began to chill.

The next morning, we were out to try our luck again and old Mother Nature had done her thing during the night. All we had was a brown river to look at.