Looking for Fishouts
Fishmaster John Cook

As you may have noticed, the 2019 Fishout Schedule has run its course. It was a fun year of outings, ranging from local surf fishing to out-of-state journeys, and the best thing caught in all of them was friendship. If there is anything better than catching a trophy fish, it's doing it with friends to cheer you on, and the fun of recounting the day's adventures over an evening meal simply can't be beat! So, be thinking about where you'd like to fish in 2020, and let our Fishmaster know if you're willing to host a fishout to share with your buddies. Do you have a place you like to fish and want to share that experience with others by having a Fishout? I, John Cook, our club's Fishmaster, am looking for people to put on one together. Fishouts can be simple or complicated. I will help to set up and organize the event. This is a great way to give back to those who have helped you, for Fishouts are one of the best ways to learn our fly fishing sport, discover places to fish, and get to know one another in our club. Give me a call, 688-1561.