DateLocation:Target SpeciesFishmasters:
Aug. 10Rio Del Mar BeachSurf FishingMark Traugott - 338-6056
Aug. 11-15Lake Alpine/Stanislaus RiverTroutCecilia Stipes - 335-5727
Sept. 7Manresa BeachSurf FishingMark Traugott - 338-6056
Sept. 21-28Mammoth LakesTroutJohn Cook - 688-1561
Sept. 28-Oct.5Mammoth LakesTroutJohn Cook - 688-1561
Oct. 5Sunset BeachSurf FishingTBA-Watch Newsletter for more info
Oct. TBAO'Neill ForebayStriped BassSteve Rudzinski - 462-4532
TBACentral ValleyBassDan Eaton - 336-2933

Fishouts are one of the most enjoyed activities our club offers. I highly recommend club members to attend and possibly organize one. If you are thinking of sponsoring a club fishout, please give me a call. Club fishouts can be structured in many ways, from simple to involved. I will be glad to help you put one together. Call me, John Cook, at 688-1561.