Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen Conservation Committee Mission Statement

"To conserve, protect and restore local, state and national fisheries and related habitat through contribution, education and volunteer efforts; with a focus on those waters and fish of most importance to the SCFF membership."

Conservation Organizations We Support
By Conservation Director Barry Burt

Our annual conservation budget was just recently approved by the SCFF board of directors and I would like to share with you a brief summary of the mission statements and goals of the organizations we have chosen to fund with our donations. The criteria for funding was based on the alignment of the goals of the organization with our own mission statement and how directly this would affect our fisheries resource.

SCFF have shared a long-time partnership with the MBSTP but for those of you who may be new to the club or unfamiliar with this organization, here's what they are all about. The Monterey Bay Trout Salmon and Trout Project ( is a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration and enhancement of the native salmon and steelhead populations of the greater Monterey Bay area. Under their auspices is the educational component of the organization known as the Salmon and Trout Education Program (STEP). After a 5-year hiatus, STEP is making a comeback into the public school systems and because of this we have decided to reinstate or donations to this program which is an in-depth collection of K-12 hands-on science lesson plans with a salmonid theme, aligned with California and Next Generation Science Standards.

Another local organization that we have partnered with over the years is The Coastal Watershed Council ( whose main focus is to transform the lower San Lorenzo River into a community destination by inspiring people to explore, enhance and protect this critical natural resource by improving water quality, enhancing habitat, increasing access and safety, sustaining flows, empowering youth and conducting community science.

Even though Trout Unlimited ( is a national organization dedicated to the conservation of freshwater streams and rivers to sustain native populations of salmon and trout, we have been able to earmark our donations to be used specifically for the enhancement of our local Pajaro watershed.

Cal Trout ( is a nonprofit organization that has many extensive projects going on all over the state to protect and restore wild trout, salmon and steelhead and their native habitats.

The mission statement of the Alameda Creek Alliance ( is plain and simple but profound. Bring back salmon and steelhead to Alameda Creek. Though this is not one of our higher level funded organizations we should be proud to play a small part in their work. Check out their website to see the amazing work they're doing.

On a much larger scale and one of our top tier donations is The Western River Conservancy (, which protects outstanding river ecosystems throughout the western United States and acquires land to conserve critical habitat, provide public access for compatible use and enjoyment, and cooperates with other agencies and organizations to secure the health of the whole ecosystem. Their motto is "Sometimes to protect a river you have to buy it" and that's just what they do. If you missed their presentation at our club meeting, check out their web site.

Our last two organizations take more of a political advocacy approach to some very important conservation issues. Friends of the River ( protects and restores California rivers by influencing public policy and inspiring citizen action.

The Bay Institute (bayecotarium) is the science, research, environmental policy, and advocacy arm of the Bay Ecotarium. Working in centers of political and economic power, from Sacramento to Los Angeles to Washington DC, the Bay Institute advocates for the environmental, water management, and economic policies necessary to ensure the health of the greater San Francisco Bay.

If you want to learn more about the organizations we support check them out on the web. Our club has always been committed to the conservation and stewardship of our valued resources. With these contributions we hope to insure the future of our sport.