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Exclusively by commission: Edward Martinez III
I work with environmental themes that draw attention to critical environmental issues related to our marine species. I am looking for new commissions and can re-create that big fish you caught and let swim away - all I need is a photo of the catch and I'll have an accurate artistic representation on your wall within 3 weeks - at a fraction of the price a taxidermist's mount would cost.
I welcome inquiries about your vision - Any species, any size, anywhere.

Edward Martinez III
831-419-5855 (text only please) Find me on Facebook at

Check below for some examples of Ed's fantastic work.

Why Ed Lawrence's Flyfishing Outfit?

We're knowledgeable: we're on the river every day so have a fair idea of where the fish are, and what they're eating. We're experienced: we've been at this a while; even have a little grey in our beards. We're patient: if you're struggling, we'll help you work the kinks out of your cast. We're enthusiastic: this isn't a job. Making your day a success is the thing that keeps us going.

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